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Helping you see Feel the uncertain future

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a quick way to solve problems in new and innovative ways by exploring new alternatives. We help organisations understand the importance of Design Thinking and how it can be incorporated in their own context.
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With increasing use of mobile devices and the “mass-consumerization of computing” the IT industry has moved from “tech-led” to “experience-led” digital products. We engage with our customers & understand business objectives as well as user goals to help identify needs and define the user experience.
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Design Fiction

As Near Future Laboratory puts it, Design fiction takes a look at a set of open issues, explores ‘unknown unknowns’ and contests the status quo to imagine strategic alternatives. Projects incubated at Ideafarms explore the application of mobile platforms in areas such as retail and healthcare for social impact.
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Tune in to the conversation between Ideafarms’ Sunil Malhotra & Jorge Barba during the Big Bang podcast at innovation blog, Game-Changer: Demystifying Design Thinking

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The Design Thinking workshop organized by Ideafarms was fabulous! The format including the exercises was simple yet insightful and it was interesting to see how each team collaborated differently and there was an abundance of ideas once the “idea tap” got flowing! The workshop not only provided a rich learning experience but was also a lot of fun.

– Sr. Vice President, ITC Infotech (USA) Inc.
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Mr. Joan Kluun, former Managing Director, Waterloo BV, talks about the Product Selection Guide that Ideafarms prototyped, and then went on to build for the company.

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Standard Bank, South Africa recounts their takeaways from one of our talks:

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