Rea_ity _eaves a _ot to the imagination. 

– John Lennon

Business leaders want to know early what they can expect in their whole experience with a software solution. Imagine you’re able to have them ‘interact’ with it without writing a single line of code. IT purists seem quite of their depth in this particular area; they relegate it to being the work of graphic designers.

We have built capabilities in rapidly creating “pieces” of the overall solution for users to validate experience. Imagine presenting in a matter of days, something for people to interact with ” a mock-up representation of the contents of the Requirements Book ” that looks & feels exactly like the final solution. Imagine it being sent around to users worldwide for their feedback.

The obvious benefits of testing and validating concepts apart, our experience shows that programming teams prefer visualisations and prototypes to use for reference than the traditional texty requirement books.

Rapid Prototyping



Virtual Guide

A training guide for field supervisors to interactively train their workforce.



ReMIX is a Interactive Marketing + Sales Configurator app on the iPad for Real Estate Agents to assist their clients during their search for a property.

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