If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.

– Albert Einstein

Being farmers of Ideas, it’s hard not to farm some of our own. While the whole world is going app-shit crazy or making just another Social Media site, we want our ideas to make a Social Impact. Can it actually change the way someone’s working? Will it make a difference in someone’s life? Success stories and concept ideas we have developed so far.


DealChaat is a platform for small retailers to promote themselves, create and manage location-based offers that become immediately visible to the shoppers in the vicinity.

Being a self-service platform, DealChaat has been designed to give small business owners a level-playing field with the larger brands who have the resources to run extensive branding and messaging campaigns. The DIY DealChaat web-console for merchants allows them to easily create location/time/inventory-based promotions without having to rely on any third-party. Hand-crafting their messaging gives them the benefit of experimenting and playing with the offers which makes the deal sweeter for both the shoppers and merchants.

The location-aware DealChaat SmartApp helps shoppers discover promotions around them. The app allows instant sharing of offers via Email, Facebook or Twitter. Features like rating a deal or reviewing a merchant lets shoppers connect directly with merchants and social networks, something that traditional media cannot handle.

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Everybody wants to avoid calls from pesky tele-callers; especially when they’re on roaming. Our product concept WhizPhone helps you do just that. Manage your calls based on the time of day, location and caller ID.



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