Wear the shoes of a Design T(h)inker.

The Ideafarms Design Thinking Introduction and Sensitisation workshop provides participants a hands-on experience of the power of design thinking in their context.

Spread over two days, the workshop introduces participants to the methodology and tools of Design Thinking. Participants work through a problem statement to get a hands-on feel of the process and walk away knowing why it’s important to think from the customer’s point of view.

On day one, participants are sensitized to Design Thinking and why it is relevant in the present day. Participants are guided through group and individual exercises and work on a ‘challenge’, to get a feel of the methodology and the mind-set required to practice it. Real world examples and case studies are discussed to illustrate key concepts. Day one wraps up with a Q&A & feedback session.

On day two, participants get an introduction to a few tools of Design Thinking. Continuing to work in groups, participants use Empathy Maps to gain a deeper insight into the user and immerse themselves in the user’s environment. Participants then collaboratively create a Customer Journey Map to piece together the entire experience from the user’s standpoint.

The last segment of the workshop is an open Q&A to discuss the way forward for incorporating design thinking to solve challenges facing the organisation. By the end of the session a high level roadmap is developed which may include a custom mix of workshops and embedded interventions for culture change.

You’ll walk away knowing why:

  • Design Thinking and Design are not the same thing
  • It’s important to think from the customer’s point of view
  • Interdisciplinary ideation improves the quality and velocity of ideas
  • Building to think and testing your ideas is a good thing
  • Design Thinking is a good strategy


  • ~5 years of functional experience.
  • An open mind

Ideal for non-designers:

Organizational leaders, product managers, developers and cross-functional teams who want or need to unite for greater impact.


  • Sonata Software
  • Makersbox
  • Vishnu Universal Learning
  • Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
  • Sapient
  • NIIT
  • Petro IT
  • ITC Infotech
  • Aspire Circle
  • Indian Angel Network


“The Design Thinking workshop organized by Ideafarms was fabulous! The format including the exercises was simple yet insightful and it was interesting to see how each team collaborated differently and there was an abundance of ideas once the “idea tap” got flowing! The workshop not only provided a rich learning experience but was also a lot of fun.”

– Sr. Vice President, ITC Infotech (USA) Inc.

“Ideafarms helped Sonata by conducting training and workshops on design thinking concepts and its application. In just a few months, there were several instances of beneficial application of this approach. As an example, this was applied to the user experience design for a live customer project. The process of application enabled customer business teams and technical teams to align better and it provided better clarity on the detailed business needs. This enabled the right level of input for the system design and helped prevent costly requirement changes in later parts of the project.”

– Vice President, Sonata Software


Solution Seeking Facilitation

We assist you in finding solutions to business problems.
Our experts are experienced industry professionals in problem solving. They use Design Thinking, Lean Six Sigma, their experience and facilitation skills to facilitate a 3 day boot camp or a sprint customized for your requirement.

This is done in collaboration with easyproblemsolving.com
If you want to solve a real problem, using our unique framework.

Reach out to Shishir@easyprosol.com

Practitioner’s Desk

At its core, Design Thinking is about the way we work. Incorporating small behavioural changes can make a big difference to the way your team approaches problems.

For resources and guides to help you incorporate Design Thinking in your team and organisation, visit the Design Thinking Practitioner’s Desk.


Become a practitioner!

Learn how you can integrate the techniques of Design Thinking in your own context and with your skill-set by practicing in the real world.

Practitioner's Workshop - Download the Brochure

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking:

  • is a proven and repeatable problem solving protocol that any business or profession can employ.
  • combines creative and critical thinking that allows information and ideas to be organized, decisions to be made, situations to be improved, and knowledge to be gained. It’s a mindset focused on solutions and not the problem.

Case studies – In their own words

Here's how two companies incorporated Design Thinking into their organisational DNA to achieve product innovation, improve existing systems and processes and boost sales:

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