Ladies’ Oracle

14. “The person that I am thinking of, does he love me?”
17. “Shall I marry young?”
87. “What opinion has the world of me?”

The Ladies’ Oracle is a clever little game that never fails to reply with satisfying results to any question asked.

Originally a classic book (written by the infallible prophet Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa), The Ladies’ Oracle is now available as a game for your Android & iPhone as a pocket friend to help you through any situation of your day-to-day life.

The infallible prophet Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, had long ago worked out a fascinating mechanism to help you arrive at the answer to these questions. The book has been for years considered the perfect bible for every woman out in the world. The game by Ideafarms has been designed to preserve the authenticity and enigma of the book while adding an element of fun and mystery to make it more engaging for the user.

Whether it’s the joys & trials of love or the uncertainty of the future or you are just looking for a sign, you will always find The Ladies’ Oracle a helpful companion to consult at anytime.


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