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Customer Journey Maps


  • Combine storytelling and visualisation
  • Creates a holistic view of customer experience
  • Communicate insights that inform design processes


  • Brings together disparate data points that can engage otherwise disinterested stakeholders from across groups and spur collaborative conversation and change
  • Create a shared understanding of user’s experience

When to use

  • Post interviews
  • Post observation of customer using the process OR get some one who matches the persona to do the transaction


What you need

Large flipchart / Whiteboard / Customer Journey map print (Download print-ready canvas)
Post its / Markers / Sharpies
Proto persona / Persona
Optional – Empathy map

Time needed

1 – 2 hours per persona

Number of people

1 facilitator
4 – 6 team members per persona


  1. Gather the same team that had done the empathy map and interviews (if any). Go through the persona, empathy map, paste it on the side of the map – keep referring to it
  2. Draw / stick the format
  3. We will do one map per persona
  4. Start with defining high level steps/ stages thru which your persona would go thru
  5. Think and write of the questions that the persona, would ask at this stage
  6. Then – actions that the persona can take at this stage
  7. The pain points that the customer could experience at each stage and the happy moments
  8. Each team member writes, one thought per post it and pastes, while explaining – feel free to ask questions, keep the banter going
  9. Remember you are acting as the customer and not as an expert
  10. Reflect back with the team – have thought as the customer or as SME, have you done justice to the customer
  11. Now ideate – think free write the opportunities – opportunities are best written in verbs and nouns (don’t write solutions – e.g. find the refund button v/s bigger refund button


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Design thinking:

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