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Dr. Karan Singh launches YOGAi: Full length launch video

The basis of the book is to use Yoga as a gateway to yourself. In other words, to see it as ONE method to connect to your true self. Similarly to see Ai as ONE pathway to understanding exponential technologies in individual and collective contexts. This will help you focus on the intersection of Yoga and Ai which converges at the individual ‘observer’—the human being.

About the Book

YOGAi sets the stage for meaningful dialogue and reflection on the complex interplay between knowledge, faith, and personal identity. Drawing inspiration from the complexities of human existence, it explores the intriguing question of why individuals gravitate towards scientific rationality, particularly as they become more and more educated.

“Western Science is approaching a paradigm shift of unprecedented proportions, one that will change our concepts of reality and of human nature, bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, and reconcile the differences between Eastern spirituality and Western pragmatism.”

~Stanislav Grof, Beyond the Brain

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YOGAi Companion

Book Companion

A little handbook to use as a reference for understanding design, technology, and collaborative tools to equip you with the resources needed to thrive in today's rapidly evolving world. By incorporating insights from Vedic traditions, it offers practical guidance for personal growth and spiritual development. With included links to online and offline resources, readers can access additional information and practical tools to enhance their personal growth journey.

YOGAi on the go!

Full-feature eBook which is planned as a living book and will be dynamically updated with content and features. The power of digital media unleashed.

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Reviews from happy readers!


A book not for the Yogi. Or for the Techie. An easy to digest handbook.

Yoga can help us strengthen and transform our inner being. Similarly, AI has the potential to transform our engagements and relationships with the external world in ways that we are just beginning to fathom. Hence, exploring the two is not as theoretical as it may first appear to be...

Adarsh Chaudhary

A book with an interesting concept

The title of the book did make me curious . Till I read the book it was unclear to me how could the author describe and analyze the interplay of two diverse domains ! AI is a newer tool , its potentials yet unexplored...


A roller-coaster ride though the wilderness of computing possibilities and yogic wisdom

If you are serious about getting a realistic perspective about Artificial Intelligence, which has been advertised to bring a social and cultural revolution! That might be equal or rival in magnitude of societal changes brought by the printing press...

Raj Supe (Kinkar Vishwashreyananda)

"YOGAI" is a thought-provoking masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of traditional discourse

"Not Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, not Alvin Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’, not H G Wells’ ‘Time Machine’, but this book isn’t entirely devoid of elements from all of them. If this were a fiction, it would sell many million copies! In the hardcore world of non-fiction, it's rare to find an article, let alone a book, that successfully navigates from a linear past to an exponential future, seeking convergence between two seemingly disparate ends: cosmic consciousness and the artificial intelligence metaverse...

David W. Gray

A book about living and being thoughtfully in the present moment.

A wide-ranging, expansive collection of thoughts, stories, wisdom and reflection on the nature of being in today’s world. Not a book about AI but a book about living and being fully in the present moment, with all its complexities and implications.


Informed engagement with AI

Sunil Malhotra's YogAI is an acutely relevant and refreshingly honest take on the interaction of humans with artificial intelligence. It is relevant because everyone is affected by AI in very real ways and these are only likely to increase going forward. The book is honest because it does not claim to provide all the answers, but rather gives us helpful...

S. Sivakumar

Path to transcendental wisdom in the post-AI world

I have no hesitation in calling this book the 21st century version of Mundaka Upanishad. It emphasises the pursuit of self-knowledge through Yoga to discover the path to transcendental wisdom in the post-AI world...

About the Author

Sunil Malhotra

"I like technology. And design. But I like people even more. And the planet. I have been an entrepreneur. Always."

Founder and CEO of Ideafarms, the company brought Industrial Design approaches to IT, Sunil focuses on investing in simple solutions combining eastern philosophies with western scientific methods. Sunil has championed interdisciplinary collaboration and human-centred design for four decades.

Advance Praise for YOGAi

"For anyone seeking to transcend boundaries and harness the synergy of mind, body, and machine, this book offers insights to grapple with complexities of our modern world ..."

Ervin Laszlo
Two-time nominee of Nobel Peace Prize

"... reads like a manual for connecting with the nonartificial aspects of human intelligence: that which is the body and the spirit."

John Maeda
VP AI & Design at Microsoft

" ...a book of many insights and wisdom. Keep this beautifully written book near you and read it yourself, and share it with your friends.."

Satish Kumar
Peace activist and founder of Schumacher College

"An enlightening and compelling read ... a thought-provoking and deeply compelling exploration of how ancient wisdom can complement and guide the development and application of artificial intelligence in the modern world."

Thomas Koulopoulos
Chairperson Delphi Group

"... a journey of intrigue and self discovery. Bringing exponential thinking to the equation makes this a valuable resource where Yoga meets AI." 

Salim Ismail
Founder, OpenExO

"YOGAi shows readers how a journey toward the inner life houses our greatest potential for harmony, urging a positive coevolution with all beings organic and inorganic."

Sunni Brown
Bestselling author

"... a fresh perspective on how humans can blend the power of exponential technologies with the sagacity embedded in our spiritual traditions…"

Sivakumar Surampudi
Architect ITC e-Choupal

"... attempts to blend consciousness with intelligence and makes us think and reflect."

Prasad Kaipa
Co-founder Institute of Indic Wisdom

"… makes us introspect on our personal relationship with technology … allowing us to hold on to our deeply traditional and spiritual roots.”

Nipun Mehrotra
founder The Agri Collaboratory

.. explores unexpected connections for how to reimagine… the power of Ai and the self...

~Aparna Bijapurkar
Management consultant

"... find treasures that reach out to you and gobble them down, as they bring fresh insights and nourishment to your mind and soul."

Jeff Smith
Cofounder, Lunar Design

“… charts a thought-provoking course through the seemingly disparate realms of Yoga and artificial intelligence…” 

Meeta Malhotra
Founder, Hard Copy

"... inspires optimism and enlightenment, encouraging us to unlock our potential and effect positive change."

Alan Gregerman
award-winning author of The Necessity of Strangers and Surrounded by Geniuses

Use this book as a starting point for understanding the human quest for truth, and for creating technologies wisely, to make our lives richer and the world a better place!

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