You’ve heard of this increasingly popular term ‘Design Thinking’. You’re wondering, ‘What is this really?’, ‘Is this relevant to me?’, ‘Is this actually all it promises to be; the magic band-aid that fixes businesses?’

We offer a 2 hour long Primer on Design thinking that is designed to introduce participants to this unconventional approach.

You’ll walk away knowing why:

  • Design Thinking and Design are not the same thing
  • It’s important to think from the customer’s point of view
  • Building to think and testing your ideas is a good thing
  • Failure is important
  • Design Thinking is good strategy

Prerequisites: An open mind.


[Workshop] Customer Empathy through Design Thinking

21 July 2018, at Gurugram

Learn how to understand customers better through tools and techniques of Design Thinking—moving beyond numbers on a spreadsheet, to real humans
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